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The only room in your house where you can lock yourself away from the rest of the world is your Bedroom. After a long day, all you want to do is go to your cosy bed and either listen to some mellow music, or lie down, unwind and watch a bit of T.V or maybe even a relaxing film

Wherever you are in a day, in Gym, at college, at school, at office, at the end of the all you think of is about your bedroom. Parent, Children all with different creative minds want to design their own bedroom for their selves and why think over it much, we are her to help you make your room

The most important thing that completes your House is the bed. Without Bed in Bedroom is empty. Every House is required Bed whether its small or big So that's the first thing that you want to choose, when you think of designing or redesigning your bedroom.

When selecting a bed, one of the most important factors to consider is the size of the bed. You surely have heard the terms “king”, “queen”, “full”, and “twin” but, do you really know the difference between them and how big they are?

Mumbai Carpenter having wide range of Bedroom Furniture in Mumbai.

So What are your waiting for

Pick up the phone and call our executive for more details of Bedrood Bed like :”SINGAL/TWIN BED” , “FULL BED” ,”QUEEN BED ,”MAHARAJA BED” , “PLATFORM BED” ,”BUNK BED” ,”WROUGHT IRON BEDS” ,”SOFA CUM BED , ”STANDARD WOODEN BED” ,DIVANS, ”FOUR POSTER BEDS”

Sofa cum beds are great space savers. If you have a one bedroom flat and your kids sleep in the hall, then this is a great option.You can use it as a sofa all day and in the night you can turn it into a bed for the kids. It sure beats sleeping on the floor