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Tables of various shapes, heights, and sizes are designed for specific uses Bedside tables, nightstands, or night tables are small tables used in a bedroom. They are often used for convenient placement of a small lamp, alarm clock, glasses, or other personal items.

Gate-leg tables: have one or two hinged leaves supported by hinged legs.

Coffee tables: are low tables designed for use in a living room, in front of a sofa, for convenient placement of drinks, or other personal items.

Refectory tables: are long tables designed to seat many people for meals.

Drafting tables: usually have a top that can be tilted for making a large or technical drawing. They may also have a ruler or similar element integrated.

Workbenches: are sturdy tables, often elevated for use with a high stool or while standing, which are used for assembly, repairs, or other precision handwork.

Nested tables: are a set of small tables of graduated size that can be stacked together, each fitting within the one immediately larger.